The birth of the Casas de Postas (Postas Houses) go back to the year 500 a.C. in order to provide lodging and provision to the people who decided to undertake a trip through the complicated roads of the time. As well as serve as a meeting point and exchange of letters and packages between people from very distant realms.

Our Postas House is a small refuge and recovery center for abandoned animals located in the town of Almonte, Huelva. Belonging to a nonprofit association and without any kind of public aid and that is only sustained thanks to donations.

Within an agricultural environment very close to the Doñana National Park, the village of El Rocio and the beaches of the Costa de la Luz, our rescuers share the refuge with their caretakers. Living in small groups and living in semi freedom are physically and psychologically recovered and cared for while waiting to be adopted.

Podencos are our passion. Unfortunately, being dogs used for hunting, once «their useful life» ends they are abandoned to their fate. Some are found cruelly mistreated, many others appear run over, … the great majority, in serious health damages.

Our refuge is located in what was an old olive grove that little by little we are transforming into a safe and comfortable home for our rescued where they recover living in semi freedom with the continuous attention of their caretakers.

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